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About the cognac


-  Here is a short glossary of terms applying to the cognac.


Any olfactory sensation perceived retro-nasally : pleasant fragrance released from a beverage.


Combination of all olfactory sensations (odour plus aroma).


A spirit is said to have body when it is consistant, round, when it rolls under the tongue and appears suave and smooth as opposed to dry and flat.


Is said of a spirit that has an unpleasant smoothness.


Combination of sensations in the nose and mouth (taste plus bouquet).


French term that describes a wine or spirit that has body and that is easily swallowed owing to its freshness and lightness.


Combination of sensations in the mouth (savour plus aroma).


Quality of a spirit of which the bouquet and the smoothness remain a long time in the nose and mouth.


The first fragrance released from cognac.


Terme used in the Charentes to describe the ""gouleyante"" flavour of cognac matured in oak casks, becoming increasingly intense over the years.

"Robe" or Dress

Colour of the spirit.


Sensations of taste on the tongue and palate.


Spirit that is neither sweet nor smooth.

Tannin (excess of)

A spirit that has aged for too long in a young cask has an excess of tannin. A flaw that renders cognac undrinkable due to its bitterness and astringency.

"Terroir" (a taste of)

Contrary to what one may think, it is not a quality but rather an unpleasant taste that is rough and bitter.